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Every night the same dream hit
that same gruesome, sickening dream
always the same phantasms, ever the same terror
Each morning he would gasp back to life
drenched in sweat, scared beyond consolation
till it was time for the pattern to start all over again

fall asleep. dream. wake up screaming.

As darkness approached
it slowly crept in to embrace him
bringing along faceless shapes in obscure pursuit
Piercing the deathly silence, an eerie groan
amid hazy outlines, a clink of bone, a thud of flesh
around a core of horror, a hint of blood, a smell of rot

fall asleep. dream. wake up screaming.

Then came that night when there were no more dreams
even as he watched, those hazy outlines took shape
Lopped heads bouncing, loose eyeballs dancing
broken legs dragging, maimed arms flapping
An ominous wisp of pungent air and smoke
a dull trail of damp skin and bowels

fall asleep. dream. WAKE UP screaming…

Suddenly in that last lucid moment, realization smashed through
his eyes were wide open, his mind was fully awake.
The curtain between dream and reality
had finally come crashing down.
The minions of hell
had finally caught up with him.

© Rashmi Pluscec 2013


Time for something a bit more macabre today we think. Very much in the vein of Poe, Rashmi creates a tale of night-time, paranoid, unconscious horror here, pulling apart that feeling that one has of fear of the unknown somewhere between sleep and wakefulness. Certainly something a bit different to what we have been featuring recently, and a great addition to our archives, we think. We’ll certainly not be looking at our curtains in the same way again.

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