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Hello all, we have a few big things to share with you. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we shall begin.

First up, for those of you not connected to our Facebook page (go on – its on the left there), we can finally announce the release date of our anthology “Western Haiku: A Collection”, and some more details on it.

This collection of Haiku and non-traditional “Western” Haiku will be released on the 4th of June, and it will be available as a paperback copy on Lulu for £4.99 and as an eBook on Amazon (and hopefully other sites) for £2.99. With a great, crisp, clean cover design by A D Warr, and edited by our editors Reg Davey and Elena Hulme, it includes poetry by some of our regularly featured writers and new writers who you will want to check out.

With proceeds from the sale of the anthology going to Scope, www.scope.org.uk  this release will help to support people with mental health issues, and do some good for into the bargain. We are proud to support this vital charity with our endeavors here at Dagda Publishing. More news on other anthologies we have in the ideas stage at the moment soon…

Secondly, and we suppose this is a pretty big thing, in June we are registering as a proper independent publishing company in the UK. This is a huge undertaking for us, but it means that we can do so much more, and shall be releasing poetry collections on a regular basis, as well as our first releases of Literary fiction and Sci-Fi books from the summer onwards. Currently we are looking through our first round of manuscripts that have been submitted – so, the only way is up, to quote a bad 80s pop song

Also, this means that coming soon, we shall have a new, bigger and better website. We shall be retaining the poetry blog you have enjoyed for so long, obviously, as we feel that this is an integral part to who we will be as a company.

We’ll also be releasing, in late June/early July the first of our collections of classic literature and poetry collections. These titles will be what we think are the most important (and sometimes overlooked) literary masterpieces in history.

Seeing as we have decided to become a publishing house, we have decided also that we will be supporting charities and social enterprises as an integral part of our business philosophy. To this end, we are not only supporting charities through the proceeds of our releases, but also we will be choosing two organisations as our sponsored charities for the year, who we will constantly support and fund from our profits. More news on who this will be soon.

We will also, as part of our social enterprise and charity way of thinking, be supporting unique projects in communities across the UK (and hopefully soon, internationally), including arranging writing workshops for disadvantaged sectors of the local community in Nottingham.  A bit of a unique approach to things – using writings most powerful effect – as a vehicle for social action and change, you could say. This is something we feel deeply about, and we know we can do great things in conjunction with other socially-minded organisations.

Well, that’s all for now. Thank you to everyone that has supported us so far, you are vital to making this a success. And with your involvement and support, we can make this so much more than it already is.

Toodle-pip for now 😉

Dagda Publishing