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I thought
by now
you would
have gotten
the subliminal
that I sent
the lines
the ones that
in so many
unspoken words
what I cannot
even understand
and then
you would cut me
some slack
knowing that what
I lack
in people skills
I more than
make up
for in the craftwork
of self-criticism
and then
you would
not read into me
more than you would
a fortune cookie
written by
a third world
minimum wage

© Ivan Jenson 2013


A piece on the poet trying to convey meaning in the words, this poem by Ivan Jenson is our featured poem today. An ode to a love unrequited, this piece is to the point, and begs for attention which is ignored by the subject of it’s desire. Ivan weaves a story like a pro, presenting obscured meanings and wordplay to great effect, wrapping the whole thing up with a tinge of cynicism and sarcastic aplomb.

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