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Seven times I would roam the earth,
if needed on all fours.

Seven times to send my smiles,
and have them matched by yours.

Seven times I would travel the seas,
poorly dressed but sailing firm.

Seven times and ill at ease,
if it would herald your return.

© Jago Kosolosky 2013


Inspired by the Dutch classicist and poet Ida Gerhardt, todays piece comes from Jago Kosolosky, and is the second piece we have featured by this new poet on the site.

In the best tradition of post-symbolic poetry, this piece obscures and obfuscates it’s meanings well, talking about love, existence, life and the interweaving interplay of various elements. Full of deep meanings tied up in symbolism which present themselves and then hide from the reader so as not to ever quite reveal themselves, this poem by Jago Kosolosky is an obscure, multi-faceted and curious, complex piece of work.

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