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I always wondered
Why we close our eyes
To kiss.

It would be weird,
Of course,
To stare so intently
While being so close;

But I think it runs deeper than that.

With eyes closed,
It’s pure dark;
You guide yourself
With what you feel,
With what you touch.

You melt into them,
And in that moment
They cease to be,

And this world
Ceases to be,
And everything but them
Ceases to be

If only for a moment.

We close our eyes
To walk in summer mist,
To take in the smell
Of fresh-baked bread,

To take in the smell
Of a lover’s perfume
And to bite their lower lip


The best things in life
Are not seen
With eyes open.

So we close them,

And we kiss
In the blue dark,
With summer in the air
And heaven on our lips.

© E.R. Pulgar 2013


Our second featured poem by ER Pulgar (the first being “La Lune ” – Link), this piece asks a question which delves into our very souls as people. Why do we close our eyes to kiss? What worlds are we imaging behind our eyelids? Anyone who has ever felt the pull of love and closeness can muse upon this piece and come to their own conclusions, we think. Tender, philosophical and inquiring in it’s nature, this piece is another fine addition to our archives by a new writer we are happy to present the words of to you.

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