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I joined in,
This spinning creation,
Worldly unknown,
A sea washing the rocks,
Time is the sea,
And we are the…

I lost my way and found beauty,
The path was overgrown,
And the sun hardly broke
Through the haze.

I was, alone,
Mellow minded at midday,
I just went along,
Following the path that others trod before,
And upon the trees,
Upon the plants all around
Rested dew, from the night before,
All glossy and deep,
Breathless and sleepy deep.

The oak was semi naked,
And along the same thread
I saw the Russian Princess,
She was stretching and still young,
Her face was cast in beauty
And my soul shivered with belonging;
Her dress glinted in the white light
Of the hazy humid day.

In reflection her silence was her purity,
The day was heavy and moist,
My mind was wandering and lost,
It resounded in dark caves,
But she remained calm, as ever.
Green and red,
Along with the dead,
She submerged the day,
And her dress glinted in
The white light of the hazy day.

© Paul D Hegginson, 2013


Now for a piece by one of our regular writers. Paul  tells this poetic tale with a degree of sagacity, and no small measure of wonder. There’s a certain Orphic sensibility to this piece, and certainly Paul finds his muse well, who seemingly captivates the reader like a Nymph, or a Siren. Equating beauty and the feminine power to charm and captivate with a mythological reverence for nature and her attendant mysteries, this poem is in the best tradition of the metaphysical and romantic poets of the 17th-19th centuries. A fine piece.

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