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For this weekends poem, we thought a bit of Whitman wouldn’t go amiss. Obviously, we couldn’t find  a reading by Whitman himself, but this reading by Tom O’Bedlam will more than suffice, we feel. Tom has a channel on Youtube of hundreds of poetry readings, all of which are perfectly done in his own unique style.

Arguably one of the most culturally significant poems of the 19th Century (it can be argued that without Whitman, the legacy of American poetry would have been very different), and one everyone should be familiar with if they know anything about poetry at all, we felt that Whitmans masterpiece (abut the death of Lincoln) should have some space here on the site.

Sit back, click on the link, and enjoy this brilliant reading of one of the finest poems to have ever been penned. Tom’s Youtube channel is below, check it out and immerse yourself in his readings.