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Was it from a movie?
not life, certainly –
The deathbed of some vivid man –
all the friends, wives, disciples,
forgiving children making
numinous remarks.  And I
(First problem: why?) had somehow
forced myself among them.
But when my turn came
what I said was lame –
preserving personality
through mediocrity.

© Frederick Pollack 2013


Todays featured poem is from Frederick Pollack, a writer from Washington DC. To us, this poem speaks of finding oneself at a funeral (maybe of a loved one, a colleague or just someone you vaguely knew once) without much to say, even though you feel you must. A piece that deals with loss, mortality and introspection, Frederick paints a vivid picture with this poem for the reader to witness.

What thoughts, feelings and images do this poem invoke in you? Leave your comment below.