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Hello again all, well we’ve had a pretty busy week, what with putting together our next anthologies (including our first anthology of short science fiction), so it’s time to sit back at the end of the week and immerse in the words of the great poets, we think.

This week, we thought we’d go with a bit of Betjeman at his satirical best. One of the greats of 20th century English poetry, Betjeman always has the power to enthrall, humour and surprise with his work. Recorded for a TV interview in the 70s, this reading catches Betjeman in his twilight years, but no less muted by the passing of time. This piece can almost be said to portend the coming of the 80s and yuppie culture, with all its transience and greed, it’s “me first” mindset. A lighthearted, but biting satire on Human greed and wasteful nature.