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There’s a tinted reality in words
I don’t have to comprehend with matured reading
Glasses—the 12,054 days you’ve sneakered
No longer need to clarify
Mendel’s explanation of your father’s blue eyes
(though he was purely Korean)
Or the indifference of your milk carton’s date
Because your life is a speckled winter’s
Fizzle on my windshield which is a fickle
Recycling of the same being—take it as it is
Blizzards aren’t necessary to un-wipe
The truth of what makes a person

© David Rhei 2013


Todays poem, from David Rhei, this a nicely contemplative, inner-looking piece of poetry. Dealing with the subject of identity, origins, introspection and the nature of what it is to be a person, this really is a piece that speaks of those moments in time when we find ourselves looking inward rather than outward. A complex, symbolic piece, we feel this poem by David Rhei is more than an ample addition to our archives.

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