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Hands held and sunsets shared
where have they all gone
paradise now a one-way street
lined with golden experiences

Each love left me a nugget
cached in a secret place
captured in my hearts shadow
yet in the spotlight still

The distant scent of roses
through an open window
recalls the moments shared
loves each and every way

Majestic sandcastles
each one and all
never seeing a changing tide
and at each remembrance

I’ll wear a smile


© Ken Green 2013


Todays featured poem comes from Ken Green, and is doubtless the first of many we shall be featuring by Ken over time. A reflective piece dealing with lost love, there is a tinge of sadness, tempered with the better memories of what once was. Filled with sensory symbolism, this piece does a great job of picking apart the experience of finding oneself in a moment where the memories come back, and muses upon the meaning of life, love and experience well.

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