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Day dreaming has changed these days,
I used to only dream about sad things,
I used to hate and aggravate those people who ‘had things’,
I was kept awake by the incessant ‘bom bom bom’,
Of the older model texting alternatives on that phone,
Day dreaming is different now though…
Now all I hear is the slow creak of the chain on the swing at the swing park,
Glasgow summertime,
Solely defined by the hours of sunshine,
Of which we had TWO to choose,
But the other 8,758 of the year were still dominated by you,
Day dreaming,
It’s even messing up my sleep dreaming,
I used to wake up, piss the bed and start screaming,
Let me rephrase that,
I used to wake up, accidentally ‘spill water round my groin’ and start screaming,
Now the demons and monsters thieving in my sleep are even leaving,
Day dreaming is different now,
You picked me up,
Despite offers on the dusty shelf,
Restarted the worn out POWER button and re-turned me to myself,
With a painted on smile,
You found the bleach to clean,
The mistakes that made stains,
And for that I thank you,
Day dreaming so literal,
Every day is a dream.
Solid oak, branching out,
Rooted together…
But don’t leave.

© Craig Scott 2013


Todays featured poem is by Craig Scott. A writer we have featured before (His poems can be found here), this piece deals with the subject of dreams, memory and reflection. There are tinges of sadness in this poem, of what once was, what is and what may be, and a kind of sagacity and looking backward upon painful memories that have shaped the person into what they are today. However, there is also a hopefulness at play here, an acceptance of the flaws in one’s being, and looking toward the future with a sense of fear, yes, but also with clarity of purpose. An introspective, intensely human piece of work from Craig.

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