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You may not love me. Loosen up your arms,
and wrap them back around their twining home,
whose ivy-green peeks out around your corners,
revealing where your life’s not yours alone.
No matter how unwatched love’s clasping coils,
wound from living flesh through growth and time,
almost the freer left, the deeper tugging—
they lie in wait, they squeeze the growing vine.
And I cannot survive on borrowed sunlight,
nor devour it. Thus the chains you see:
guilt’s muffled tone, a stubborn will’s cold cheek;
it’s not for lack of heat this cannot be.
But tending to ourselves, we tend the field
where all things grow, and all things shall be healed.

© T.M Baird 2013


Todays featured poem by T.M Baird delves into the darker side of love. Laying bare the desperation and clutching nature of a relationship where abuse, regret and ruined love meet in a dance of damnation, this piece by T.M Baird utilises metaphor to a great effect. Harrowing, suffocating and confessional, this poem is an effective tale of the darker side of humanity, and we are proud to feature it on our site today.

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