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The winds are my only companion –
My only conversation.
I miss it when it is gone.

Still, I’ll be a traveller.

The damp doorstep is my pillow –
Something steady,
Something of my worth.

Still, I’ll be a traveller.

The orange hue of streetlight
Is my guide, my timekeeper
and my warmth.

Still, I’ll be a traveller.

The darkness is wild tonight,
My tears go unnoticed,
But I don’t mind –

I’ll be a traveller.

© John Ashleigh 2013


Another one from John Ashleigh today, we think. Dealing with the subject of homelessness, John invokes a hyper-realistic imagery to this piece, which draws the reader in to the moment in time portrayed in the words. Dramatic, lyrical, and with just a touch of darkness to it, “I’ll Be A Traveller” invokes a feeling of utter loneliness, of being outside the norms of society, but strange contentment with the situation the subject finds themselves in. A world and a feeling not many of us have looked into before, let alone experienced. A brilliant poem.

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