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Phantom of the night,
lonely autumn moon.
Now fading in the light,
we must follow soon.

Lonely autumn moon,
soon be gone from view.
We must follow soon
and be so like you too.

Soon be gone from view.
Now fading in the light
and be so like you too
phantom of the night.

© Colin W Campbell 2013


Todays featured poem, a pantoum, is from Colin W Campbell. A fine example of the form, this piece manages to weave a tale both metaphorical and metaphysical in nature. Musing upon the image of the moon (like so many poets that have come before) to tell his story, Colin manages to present a poem which taps into a sense of our own mortality, the meaning of consciousness, and our sense of who we are as people. A multi-layered comment upon these subjects, and much more besides.

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