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It’s a perfect time to release our birds,
Caged for far too long and submerged in dark.
Constant fright has hurt their eyes,
Trembled the beak and silenced the song.

It’s a suitable time to drain our home,
Flooded for years and unknown to breathe.
Rising water has wrinkled its design,
Drowned the art and soaked the dreams . . .

Birds explode from waterfall windows,
Ignite their songs and fill up the trees.
Bloated sharks writhe in the sun,
Cough up the tar and spit out the bones.

Today we sail in the wake of an albatross,
Colored by sunrise and bound for the sea.
It’s an auspicious time to leave ones past,
Desalt the eye and lift the anchor.

© Jason Sturner 2013


With “Leaving the old Us”, Jason creates a poem that is heavy on metaphor. A piece which evokes imagery of change in life, of the emotions felt in times such as a breakdown of a relationship, this poem takes the reader on a journey into the most private of moments. A piece that is soul-seeking, reflective and intimate, we are very happy to bring this poem to you by Jason Sturner. What are your thoughts on this piece?


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