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‘Do they have boats on The Mere?”
How we laughed as the Norfolk lilt
Slipped uninvited into his voice
Like the woman no-one knows who
Always sits at the back at weddings.

Snapshot memories of golden cornfields
Painted forever late Summer,
Poppy filled remembrances of early mornings.
Woken by a distant crowing rooster
And the strangeness of an unknown bed.

The awkwardness of a child
Around relations unknown and newly met,
Family in name yet unfamiliar
The comfort of laughter as my Father asks
‘Do they have boats on The Mere?’

© Angela Perkins 2013


Reminiscent of summer childhoods, “The Mere” by Angela Perkins is a sentimental poem that is fuelled by memory. A beautifully personal and reflective piece which arouses memory of better times and family, “The Mere” showcases Angela’s talent and is poetry at it’s most evocative.

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