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I guess a part of growing up
Is learning how to be comfortable wearing someone else’s tongue,
Learning all the ways their shoes bend with the dirt.
She says once in a while, standing on the edge is fine
But I stay out on the line much too late
And hear all the talk about how I’ll never make it in this world.
No, no, in my defense, that ain’t right
But they can’t hear me from inside the kitchen,
So I guess I’ll wait a little longer until the ground blurs up a bit
To go inside by the warm
And discuss my thoughts on things that don’t concern me.

© Christopher Stubenrauch


Todays piece is by Christopher Stubenrauch, an 18 year-old poet. Dealing with themes of adolescence, individuality, growing up and the need to find one’s place in the world with their own thoughts and opinions, this poem showcases a burgeoning talent in this young writer. A piece which begs the question of why people think they know more merely because of age, and argues the case from the viewpoint of youth, this poem by Chris is questioning, introspective and private.

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