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Rereading page after page,
Paper burns with a crackling sound:
The sound of burning bones
(Excepting one).
Fire purifies, fire destroys;
It converts charred remains to ashes:
Pure, gray and black melange,
A language is yet to be found;
Limbs entangled like ropes,
Bonds broken when one breaks down;
A lost pair of eyes, searching for another of its kind
Where is that hand to be found again?
Glittering, heavy with weight-
Diamonds and wrinkles
Look beautiful together;
A laugh left behind swollen eyes.
Shocked, the pages turn of their own accord:
Enchantments do not work any more.

© Geetakshi Arora 2013


Invoking meanings lost within memory, Geetakshi Arora’s poem “Remembrance” envelops us within a private moment where situation leads to reflection. Introspective, evocative and tender, this piece draws the reader in to the writers own life like a moth to a solitary candle. A nicely constructed little world of hidden meanings.

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