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He heard.
She saw.
What you did.
What did you do?
You took a small lie –
– And then created a bigger lie!
A lie lying about many things…
What were the lies in your lie?
What truths did you overstep?
What did you keep hidden?
Was it worth it?
To lie about your lies
This is a tangled web you’ve created…
What are the depths to which it reaches?

© Emily Boldt 2013


Todays poem, “Small Eye For A Lie”, lays bare the nature of deceit. A questioning piece, it has a kind of desperation, a need to know the truth hidden in the depths of the lie, if there was any truth there to be found at all. One for anyone that has suffered in the strand of  the all-too-familiar web of another’s mistruths and misdeeds.

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