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All the lost girls are on 2% milk cartons
but Kayla’s pic is on a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20
She blames her wardrobe on the heat
She carries a flyswatter to kill Volkswagen bugs
The Go-Go’s were her God-Gods

She fantasizes that she’s Greek
so she can declare bankruptcy and be done with it
A man walks by and asks if she’s seen a little white dog
“I’ll be your little white dog,” Kayla says

© Mitchell Krochmalnik Grabois


A short but metaphorically complex piece, “20/20” invites us into the world of a lost soul, which in itself acts as a metaphor for the misery and decay of society. A myriad of themes work their way through the words and meter employed by Mitchell, creating a poem that desires more than one read to make it’s meanings known properly.