Our charity ethos and social enterprise.

At Dagda Publishing, we believe that charity and social responsibility should be at the heart of every company’s ethos. Not just a consideration for profits, but a central, proactive mantra of business.

To this end, we have chosen two main charities for 2013-2014 to support through proceeds from the sales of our publications. These are:

Scope – www.scope.org.uk

Shelter – www.shelter.org.uk

These two charities we feel are two of the most important at the moment in the UK, for various reasons. Being that they have such an important part to play in the care of vulnerable sections of society (mental health care and homelessness) we feel that they deserve all the help they can get, and we hope in a small way to do our part for them.

The way we are supporting our main sponsored charities are twofold: One, we have decided that a couple of our specific publications will be in aid of them, giving the charities half the profits from the publications, and two, by supporting them with 5% each of our profits at the end of the year, so that’s a total of 10% of our profits that will be going to charity each year. We think this will help the charities quite a bit.

We support other charities in small ways through specific publications we release, and are becoming actively involved in community projects in the East Midlands in the UK.

If you represent a charity, or know of one you would like us to consider lending our help to support, please get in touch with us at our usual email address: dagdapublishing@hotmail.co.uk

So basically – buy a book, feed your mind, support charity and social enterprise. Simple as that.



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