Please send all submissions to our email address:


What are we looking for? Well, the basic answer is poetry and literary fiction. However, there is a much more complicated, deeper answer to this question. What we are looking for is writers. We are looking for those writers who have something to say, who can reach beyond the boundaries of simple genres, and can bring something fresh and exciting to the world of literature.
We’d like to think that we can discover the next TS Eliot, Jack Kerouac, Anna Akhmatova or John Steinbeck. Someone who will help redefine what it is to be a writer. Someone who is, hopefully, you. Ambitious, maybe. Achievable, certainly.

Submission Guidelines


Poetry (featured on our site)

Please send all submissions (up to a maximum of 5 per email) in the body of an email, with clear formatting and single line spacing. All styles and lengths will be accepted, and judged according to their individual merit. Whilst we prefer previously unpublished pieces, we will accept previously published poetry, as long as you inform us of this fact and where it was previously published (your own blog, forum posts etc count as unpublished, we mean things like poetry magazines or sites, basically anything that would involve an editor making a decision on your work).


We are always on the lookout for literary fiction to publish. If you have a book which you would like us to consider for publication, please drop us a line with a synopsis of the book, not full manuscript please, and we will contact you back if we decide we would like to take a look at your manuscript with a view to publication.


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